Making Your Number Plate Look Cool

Published: 28th July 2011
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Do you want a cool, funny, number plate that shows the world your true personality? Well today with the many online number plate printers you can have one. Simply follow the instructions on the websites you find (they are noramlly very easy to follow) and turn your car into an extension of you. You can have names, phrases, personalised messages and even add colours, images and borders to accessorise (but always remember they have to be street legal too)

Fun Number Plates are Easy to Make & Cheap Too !

Look around and you will see how easy it is to create fun, novelty number plates, plates that will be viewed by hundreds of people each day. Your plate will be completely unique just like you and can be personalised to your specifications to make sure that your car outshines them all.

Choose from the Huge Range of Borders Backgrounds You Will Find

To ensure that your car looks as personalised as possible choose from the incredible selection of borders, back grounds and pictures you will find.

Your Own Personal Design - One That Say's 'YOU'

There are many different ways and features you can use to help you make your number plate look cool, but of course you will have to apply your unique personal taste to come up with the number plate text for you. When you have decided on the design, you can normally personalise your design further with selections of images and borders.

Remember the DVLA Rules

Of course, if this plate is for your car then we must adhere to DVLA rules and insure that the plate is completely unique and law abiding. This makes it important to choose a supplier that will be able to help you with your design problems. SOme sites have an online help feature, some online chat, others rely on emails.

Show Plates & Bedroom Door Plagues

Number Plates are also used for other purposes, like 'Show Plates' and for bedroom or office doors. The best sites will also offer you the ability to make plates like these to your own specifications, that is not for cars at all!!

So, if you would like a licence plate that is not intended for your car but rather as a novelty piece for your home or bedroom then remember you are not limited in your design and choice of text at all. In fact you will are given a huge amount of choice regarding design and images (many of which would not be considered legal for a car number plate).

Enjoy the Variety & Have Fun Building Your Plate - Whatever It Is For !

Whatever your needs, we hope you enjoy lookng around the web and building your number plate, whether it be for on road or 'fun use'.


Graham Baylis has been working with 4plates for many years now and has experienced their top quality service. So whether you have a personalised number plate, a broken one or need one for a trailer, 4 Plates can produce road legal number plates for your vehicle in a quick and professional manner. See

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